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About Chai Tapri

Chai Tapri is a typical establishment dotting the Indian rural and urban landscape. It is a meeting place for people of all social and economic strata to catch up with friends or colleagues and engage in (mostly) animated discussions and conversations about almost all topics under the sun. And to sip on the fragrant chai that is served at the shack. The tea itself is made using proprietary methods and closely guarded recipes, exhibiting a distinctive taste which gradually becomes the speciality of a particular shack.

The satisfaction and bliss that Indians get from sipping tea at a shack cannot be replicated even within the most luxurious of settings. As Indians acknowledge, the true taste of tea is enjoyed only at a Chai Tapri!


Tea – the quintessential Indian drink. Today, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, with over 70% of the tea being consumed within India itself. Consumption of tea in India has been documented since the days of the Ramayana (750-500 BC).

Although world cultures may stake their own claims on this global drink, any self-respecting true blue Indian shall tell you what tea means to him. From a “cutting” shared with friends and near ones to a solitary cup in a quiet corner, a cup of tea is part of both, a personal (almost sacred) and a social ritual.

Tea is made both at home and outside. Outside the home, tea is most commonly and easily found at the ubiquitous tea stalls that dot just about every street in India. The tea stall has become a cultural institution in itself.

Humari Shuruaat

Alkesh Chopada is an unassuming person who, despite his training and vocation as a pharmacist with more than two decade’s worth of experience, has interests beyond a conventional outlook. In his own words, he is a “Tea Aficionado.” 

Growing up in a traditional family, with strong social and cultural bearings, he always saw guests at his home while growing up. And with guests came his mother’s special tea. Spiked with handmade masala (spice mix), her tea was highly popular amongst visitors of the Chopada household.

Alkesh learned to make tea from a very young age and through his passion for this deceptively simple, yet delicately complex, preparation, he slowly became a master tea-maker himself. He loved making tea for friends and guests who would visit him and even while he was visiting other people’s homes, he would gently make way into the kitchen where he would make tea for everyone.

Tea has ever been an inherent part of Alkesh’s life and when confronted with the predicament of not being able to enjoy his kind of tea at star-rated hotels across the country during his sojourns, he would give vent to the inner plight by saying that one day, “he would open a chai tapri!”

This thought found resonance with his better half and after months of planning and perfecting the right kind of tea, Chai Tapri was born. Today, a proud Alkesh stands at the steps of his brainchild and welcomes families, college goers, school kids and elders who flock Chai Tapri to enjoy the taste of tapri tea in a shack-like austere, yet homely, setting they feel comfortable in.

To take his dream to other places, he has been engaging professional help by involving area- specific consulting firms, viz. – operational consultants, architectural consultants, strategic and financial consultants, advertising and marketing consultants, etc.

Why Chaitapri ?

“Chai se Shuruaat!” proclaims the banner at Chai Tapri. This simple phrase embodies the Indian ethos of starting all good things (or anything!) with tea. Serving tea at a home is a sign of the beginning of a fruitful and invigorating conversation. It is a sign that the guest is welcome at the home. We love to get on with an endeavour after a refreshing cup of tea.

It’s energizing, stimulating and health benefits apart, the first cup of tea marks a psychological shift to “start a venture.” What does Chai Tapri offer that is special? It offers all the goodness of tapri tea in a more relaxed and urbane setting. This is the place where ladies wanting a good time out, families with kids, the elderly folks and the youth, can “hang out,” without the poseur mentality of high end cafes.

Chai Tapri is the place for affordable tea and accompaniments and a lot of conversations. It is a place where you can be yourself and indulge in “tea-slurping” without the fear of raised eyebrows.

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